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Gear.Club, the great tourism of them mobile comes to Android

Gear.Club lands finally on Android after having been available exclusively in iOS, showing that there are still many games to reach the world of mobile phones. Is is neither more nor less than the game more similar to great tourism that has arrived until the time for smartphones and tablets. If you like the car, not you it can lose.

Gear.Club, a Gran Turismo mobile

While Real Racing 3 seemed the great game of car of them last times, makes already much time that the game is launched, and both them processors mobile as the processors graphics have improved much since then. Therefore, that now strikes us as the arrival of a game like Gear.Club. Was available already before for iOS, but now has arrived for Android.


It best of Gear.Club is the realism in which is based the game, that we will remember to the known title of simulation for PlayStation, large tourism. In this case we will have a lot of details to manage the engine, the transmissionmechanisms, suspensions, and aerodynamic systems, which will have influence during the race. And we can improve in our experience with the game using a remote control external of videogames for Gear.Club.

Of course, something that not could miss in Gear.Club is the high level of them graphics and of detail during the game, in them different vehicles, as well as in all them cinematic, and the viewing of the different components of the car when it are “tuneando”. Special care has been on the details shine in this new game that will appeal to users more fans to racing with a realistic cut games.

Gear.Club Tuning

Online game

But in addition to the above, I think that it does not require more explanation, because the only thing you can do now is try it, another feature that should be noted is that it is an online game in which we will have to compete with other users, being so very similar in that sense to Real Racing 3. The scenarios in which we will play also have been designed with precision and a high graphic level. And to run each an of them Racing will have some of those vehicles more known of them brands more relevant of the world.

Gear.Club is a game free, but includes shopping in-app. Whatever it is, it is the new “best cars game” for Android that we find.

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