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Gboard, Google keyboard, integrates translator

Gboard has become one of the keyboards more tools that are available for Android. It is not strange if we consider that integrates all the great functions of all the keyboards that are available for Android, as well as some additional unique features. The new feature coming to Google keyboard is the complete integration of a translator within the keyboard itself.

Gboard with translator

Use a mobile for write words in another language is very useful if have in has that this keyboard integrates dictionaries capable of predicting them words that want to write. However, Gboard has come something beyond what is concerned to be a tool for writing in different language. Specifically, has integrated the own translator from Google on the same keyboard. It only that have that do is write the words that we want that appear in our own language and select the language to which want that it translate as if outside the own translator of Google. In fact, the interface is very seems to the translator, only appearing in a bar on the keyboard.

Temas de Gboard

At the moment, that Yes, this feature is only available in the beta version of Gboard, so only users who have access to this beta version may use the translation of words into other languages while they write. However, seems clear that this will be a function that a time will come to be available the version final of the keyboard of Google.

Selector of themes

And not is the only novelty that we find in the version beta of Gboard. And it is that this new version also includes a renewed themes selector. The main novelty lies in the large number of issues that we’re going to find to customize the keyboard. So far we have different themes that we could change the colors of the Fund and of the letters of the keyboard. But in the new version there will be issues that will change the background image. For example, there will be issues of optimized passages to make the letters look well on these images.

If you want to try this new version you have to download the beta of the Gboard, either wait for that all these functions are available in the final version of the keyboard

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