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Gboard for Android updated: editing text and floating keyboard

Google has updated its Gboard Android keyboard. The new keyboard has tools that will make easy and quick editing of text, floating keyboard (a hand) new languages and other new features and tools.

Only a few weeks ago Google Gboard for Android received 6.1 update and included interesting improvements and features such as image GIFs search directly from the keyboard, dictated by voice or simultaneous translation. Now, Google returns to update Gboard with new tools, features and languages.

Google has added 22 new languages to Gboard. Eleven new languages of India, among others, as well as the ability to support native scripts of each language and the possibility of a transliteration with Gboard. But update highlights, mainly, by the inclusion of the text editor and new customization options that allow changing the size or position of the keyboard, as well as add new menus.

Gboard para Android

Text editing

Gboard now has a way of text editing with buttons specific to navigate between words and lines, select text, cut, copy and paste directly from the keyboard without a being a long and complicated task. To access this new feature in Gboard simply click on a new Edit icon text that appears in the menu of shortcuts on the keyboard on the G button.

Format Edition has large keys and buttons that let you move around the text: navigation buttons up, down, right and left. It also has commands that allow you to make tasks such as, for example, or select all.

Floating keyboard

The new keyboard also allows customization options that will make as simple accessibility. Now you can change the size of the keyboard and move it to the position that seems more comfortable, thus facilitating the use of the phone with one hand, for example. Just go to the Gboard shortcuts menu (by clicking on the tips bar G) go to the section which allows you more options (three points) and click on the section on one-handed keyboard. Thus, you will get a floating keyboard that you can set on the side of the screen that you see and that you can change the size to your liking.

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