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Galaxy S8 tips: how to remove the icon of the app notifications

In the launcher of new Samsung phones default, Samsung Galaxy S8 and Samsung Galaxy S8 +, notifications on the app icon shows if you have messages read. It is useful but annoying. If you want to put an end to these notifications, you will learn these tricks for Galaxy S8.

Notifications on new phones from Samsung, with the launcher that comes by default, appear as a number included in the own application icon, on the desktop. Something really useful to know which notifications still has read and without that appear in the top bar of the phone but can also become uncomfortable for apps where notifications are continuous: dozens of messages on WhatsApp or Twitter or Facebook alerts, for example. Cleaning them is easy

To make the notifications disappear simply with that pressure for a few seconds the application icon corresponding. Either from the phone’s home screen or application window. Once you click the icon for a few seconds, a pop-up window with several options such as access info from the application, delete the icon, select other apps or clean icon. By clicking on “clear icon”, They will erase all numbers showing unread messages or notifications without seeing.

Trucos para Galaxy S8

Hide applications

Another thing you can do from the launcher of the S8 Galaxy and Galaxy S8 + is to hide the applications or games over a period of time. Simply open the apps drawer by sliding up or down the screen. The options menu will appear at three points, right. Touching on the points you can access the settings.

The settings on the main screen you will find the section “hide apps” and will be a list with all the apps installed on your phone. Simply select all the games and applications you want to hide and click on the top of “apply” button. And that’s all. You can stop hiding these applications doing the same process and deselecting them from the list.

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