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Full erase in remote reach of the Android version of open source

For a time Device Manager from Android offers the possibility to delete the contents of the phones and tablets in remote. For this you can use the website created for this purpose, as we tell you in this article on Android support. As well, this feature becomes enhanced version opensource of Google, so thus all developers can use it.

This development, known as AOSP , is that many use to create the ROMs that are installed in the Android terminals (even some companies is that based on their own fork). Therefore, freeing this option is a step than for any user who has a device with the operating system of the Mountain View company you use. In a nutshell: it universalizes the possibility to delete remote content of advanced form.


And when this option should be used? So basically, if your phone has been lost (or it is stolen) and there are fears for the integrity data contained. Once the order is given as soon as the device is connected wing network comes to the removal, which is not possible to stop any way. And, therefore, you are sure that the information contained or the account information is not in danger. A tool, when less, useful.

It goes a step beyond

Yes, apart from the usual deletion, what is now possible to do is eliminate all at the level which is known as “brick “, which makes useless the device for routine use. And this, is most effective if you think that you can not retrieve phone or tablet. In addition, in professional environments this is a good additive, since companies can be much more confident that their data are not exposed if there is a loss or theft.

What I do is to start with a process that is copying zeros in the most important areas of the device in question, such as the places where is the bootloader, the recovery menu and, also, on all partitions contained. In this way, will terminal is useless and, if turned on, stays in an infinite bootloop. An important detail is that companies that include this new additive in AOSP Android version, can establish a configuration customized to the level of “brick” to be carried out (and this is very interesting because even microSD cards are an option).

Android seguridad

It remains to be seen if this possibility if included in the Android version usual, since if so required to deploy a tool that allows to be sure that no comment bugs since we are talking about a really powerful – process and it may be completely irreversible -. Therefore, at this time it is not possible to use in Device Manager that exists in Google. We’ll see if Android N we will have some news, but you have to be extremely careful with this functionality… but the truth is that it is really interesting and powerful. Do not you see?

Full erase in remote object reaches version open source Android was published in AndroidAyuda.

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