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Free Gmail space by deleting the heavier emails

Gmail is one of the best mail services available, one of the most commonly used email platforms. But if both use it, it is possible to even that we come to occupy all the space we have available. A good choice for free space in Gmail is to delete more heavy emails. How to find emails that more weigh?

How to locate the heavier emails in Gmail

Even if an email doesn’t weigh much, and in Gmail have plenty because we have the cloud of Google Drive as storage, the truth is that it is possible that if we use the mail to work, we have accumulated many emails with attachments of much weight. If so, it will be to locate emails that weighed more to delete them and thus free up memory. It would not be something simple among thousands and thousands of emails, but luckily it is easy to locate emails that weigh most on Gmail. To do this, we will only have to search for emails exceeding a certain amount of megabytes. Doing this is simple. We will only have to write the following in the Gmail search box (without the quotes):

“size:5 MB”

Logically, we can change the 5 MB 9 MB for example, if we want to reach first the heavier. Then, you only have to select them all and delete them, and then go to the Recycle Bin and delete them definitely will be thus liberating space on Gmail.

Gmail Portada

If you want to do is not only locate emails exceeding a number of megs, but directly to order all your emails depending on how heavy that are, then you can find them by typing the following line in the Gmail search box:

“larger:size in MB”

So you see first the emails that most occupy in your Gmail. These are those who are occupying more space in your email inbox, and delete these so it will be more useful to free up space in Gmail.

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