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Four keys in the design of the Samsung Galaxy S8

The Samsung Galaxy S8 most anticipated smartphone of the year 2017. It will come with different relevant news in what has to do with their technical specifications. But we already know some of the novelties related to the design of the mobile. These are the four keys to the design of the new Samsung Galaxy S8.

1.-screen curve

Is finished the existence of different versions of the mobile between which we find the version standard with a screen that not was curve. In the case of the Samsung Galaxy S8 all versions of this Smartphone will have a curved screen. It seems that this is going to become the standard for what is Samsung.

Samsung Galaxy S8

2.-Infinite Display

It is not the only change that we find in the Samsung Galaxy S8 what has to do with the design of the smart phone. Another novelty has to do with your screen and the name that will be. This is called Infinite Display. The name has to do with the fact that it is a curved screen, but also with the rest of the news arriving at this Samsung Galaxy S8. The main novelty is that the screen not has almost bezels, what makes that almost all front is occupied by the screen. That coupled with the curved screen, makes it seem an endless display. Thanks to this elimination of the screen frames we find with a much larger screen size, unless the mobile from growing too large.

3. three colors

It seems the new Samsung Galaxy S8 would come in three different colors. On this occasion we must mention the golden color. We will meet with classic black color, but also with a version in silver. The latter highlighted much on a mobile that will feature a rear glass casing. It will probably be a chrome casing. However, the big news would be the third version in Lilac. It is a color which until now we have not seen any mobile of Samsung.

4. front of a single color

Even so, in all versions of the new smartphone, we find that the front panel is a single color. It will be black. And this is to complement the Infinite display. The removal of frames, curved screen will be added two other elements. The front of black will get that the appearance of the smartphone is one continuous piece, not having difference between the screen and the few frames boasts. But in addition to be an AMOLED display, you can get a real black background, which again gives an effect of continuity on the front.

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