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Football Manager Mobile 2017: the best manager of League for Android

Now that started to glimpse the ecuador of the League Santander, lands on Android the best manager of League that can find within Google Play. Us refer course to Football Manager Mobile 2017, the famous game where can carry to your team to the glories from the comfort of your phone mobile, without having that suffer them boos of the respectable.

Before anything we must warn whenever there are that the best manager of League for Android not is free and has a cost of 8.99 euros. However this payment you will give access to one of them simulators of soccer more complete that can find in all the store of applications of the system operating of Google, with million of options of game and configuration and the possibility of develop your activity in numerous leagues international, including the League Spanish course.

The new Football Manager Mobile 2017 is a great improves with respect to the versions previous of the series. To start, the title comes with a new and improved interface of user that allows to the player access to all the options of the title of form much more intuitive that allows navigate of form comfortable by all them menus of it app.

What’s new in Football Manager Mobile 2017

The exploration improved is another feature important that allows to them players find and recruit players using their own explorers. Also have been implemented more transfer options. For example, you can now give players with a future purchase clause and apply for work permits. Them players also obtained best ways of control to his team, since now will be capable of even and fine to players if are doing something wrong during them parties or in the sessions of training.

Football Manager Mobile 2017

Also will have improved the options of signing players thanks to them new Scouts of the game. You can hire your own Scouts to help you sign the best players and reached the top of the table.

Football Manager Mobile 2017 allows to the user treat of achieve the title with all the big leagues European of 15 countries of all the world. In addition to Spanish, English, German or Italian League, this year the always interesting Polish and Turkish leagues joined the title.

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