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Five small options of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 which makes it big

El Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is now a reality, the Korean company presented yesterday at an event held in New York and, indeed, that altogether this model stands as the best phablet of the market (and, very possibly, as the highlight of Android devices that are official). The case, is that the device includes some options that are have been out of them foci and that are really interesting. I tell you the five I think are most important.

Apart from the hardware and design, of which I already spoke yesterday on Android support, Samsung has worked to provide news in this model which, as usual, keeps the stylus S Pen but with advanced options, such as translation in real time at the same time that you write. In addition, applications in which removed party this accessory are unified, making it more intuitive and simple to use.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7–possibly the definitive mobile 2016

But am not going to comment on this Samsung Galaxy Note 7, than it already is has talked much, but small possibilities that surely the user which is made with one of these models takes advantage and see that they are the most interesting for the day to day, or simply to get more out of the excellent phablet which mean that, on this occasion, it comes with a screen curve on its two sides, and with protection against water and dust (for the first time in this range of product).

Imagen frontal del Samsung Galaxy Note 7

The secrets of Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Then Indian five small details that are starting on the device and that, personally, I think that they are really interesting when assessing what offers the phablet.

Data to test of curious

Safety is important and in a device that many use professionally, much more. In this way, a folder that is named safe that, thanks to the use of technology has been included in Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Knox own Samsung, only the person using fingerprint or iris recognition reader accessible. Thus, documents, photos, or any other file here content will not be not visible to others.

Reconocimiento de iris del Samsung Galaxy Note 7

The cloud, always important

And this is clear in the new model since they include 15 GB of space Samsung cloud. This has been added with the clear intention to provide a place where the backup data to be stored, and this is combined with Smart Switch. Space in the cloud has become already a need to par to gain access from anywhere to the stored files, and Samsung Galaxy Note 7 offers this new service which, logically, is to reach other models of the company… but they are free?

Big screen, and great protection

Diapers on the device mobile already makes time spent being an element that simply displayed information, to be an integral part of its use due to the tactility. The protection of this component, therefore, is Basic. And Samsung Galaxy Note 7 include Gorilla Glass 5, by which increases considerably its resistance. It is the first model that includes this option, which is differential for the moment (should not be forgotten that Koreans are major shareholders of the company that makes the mentioned protection). The case is that if the resistance of the S7 Galaxy screen is already very good, now this increases. Thus, for example, in falls from 1.6 meters are proven durability to complete super ale 80% and even direct with knives and similar impacts are no longer a problem.

Pantalla del Samsung Galaxy Note 7

All you can see very large

New S Pen tool includes, in addition to the translation, another option for the most interesting: the increase of what is shown on the 5.7-inch Samsung Galaxy Note 7 SuperAMOLED panel. Thus, you can set up a 300% of application. Of this form, see a text maximized or an image is very possible and them works is optimized if is needs to be very precise.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 will be on sale in Spain on August 16

Get GIFs from Samsung Galaxy Note 7

The use of these files in the messaging application is very common and, aware of this, the Korean company has included a specific application to create them. This is able to record what is displayed on screen by selecting a specific space. Everything is simple because once the selection is made you click record and start the process. Then it is saved in the terminal and can be used without problems (files with DRM protection as for example movies, are protected).

Crear GIF con Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Comparison: Samsung Galaxy Note 7 against your competition

As it has been seen, Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is full of surprises, and it is no wonder that we are many who believe that this is, without a doubt, the best phablet that there are currently on the market.

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