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Five free Android apps to take advantage of virtual reality

Virtual reality, little by little, is a reality that the users can enjoy. Hardware is becoming steadily in these moments, and all the company strive to have their own adapted devices. As well, we are going to provide Android applications with which you can enjoy immersive environments.

All the developments offer a wide compatibility, because for example they can be used with the Google CardBoard glasses (which are very economic). Get each of the developments also of very simple, since all of them are available in the shop Play Store of the Mountain View company – what is also a synonym for quality and safety.

Gafas de realidad virtual Google Cardboard

Chosen Android applications

There are developments of all types in the list, from games that are more fun and with different themes and, of course, also developments that go beyond the sole purpose of entertainment. Either way, if you have a glasses virtual reality and want to take advantage of work that we are an example of that now already fully as possible since the developers also are betting on it:

Chair in room

The first thing is a game, which in this case has a theme of terror and which are the most popular today. The aim is that the player have a bad time to achieve the objective. With a good working environment and that it really immerses the user, initially has a wide sense of security but then… you will have to discover it!

Aplicación A chair in a room

WP-Appbox: Chair In A Room (Free, Google Play) →

Gravity Pull

Second game listing and, in this case, is one which has to complete puzzles using the movements of the head. Gravity is the key of this title, since it depends on that they are properly placed the pieces in the environment that is generated through the use of the your device sensors. One of the most curious virtual reality Android applications. Includes 16 levels of play.

Aplicación Gravity Pull

WP-Appbox: Gravity Pull – VR Puzzle Game (Free, Google Play) →

Cedar Point VR

One of the repetitive elements in virtual reality are the roller coasters. And this is what gives this work that takes you to a very realistic feeling be mounted in one which, moreover, is hardly small. An environment graphic good care and impressive speed simulation. A real trick try it.

Aplicación Cedar Point VR

WP-Appbox: Cedar Point VR (Free, Google Play) →


Not everything in the world of virtual reality are games. This is a media player that offers a simple use and generates more adequately the own environments reproductions. Management and choice of content is simple muys therefore particularly advisable.

Aplicación Vrse

WP-Appbox: Within – VR (Virtual Reality) (Free, Google Play) →

Arte360 VR

Not much talk of this option, but art is enjoyed in a spectacular way to create virtual environments since the realism is stunning. There are creations that allow developing sightseeing specific world and drawings that artists have been especially developed to be used in Android apps like this.

Aplicación Arte360 VR

WP-Appbox: ARTE360 VR (Free, Google Play) →

Other applications for Google’s operating system can find them in this section of Android support, where there are options beyond virtual reality.

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