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Five applications to prepare the selectivity with your Android

Come the tests of selectivity. Lstudents who wish to pursue a college degree are already with all the preparations to get the best possible in all subjects note so that, in this way, the results are good enough to be able to access the Faculty they want to. We will try to help you with five apps that will make you all a little easier.

All developments have two fundamental characteristics: are free , something ideal for students and allow you to test your applications without remorse. And, the second feature, is that the download is done from Play Store, so the way to get it is usual in the Android operating system. No complications or questions. All of them also has in one of its areas of work selectivity.

Exámenes de selectividad

The chosen works

A then leave applications that make life a little easier when it comes to prepare the selectivity. We have selected from options that make it more simple and organized the study as options that let you know the note that you are adding the average high school with that obtained in the tests.

Fast reading

Exercises to make reading much faster without losing effectiveness on what is learned. Includes exercises that are advancing in the process and, if you get to certain point, reduces significantly the time used in study. You have to be somewhat patient. It has a wizard so don’t have doubt.

Aplicación Lectura rápida para Android

WP-Appbox: Quick reader (Free*, Google Play) →

Study time

This development allows to organize better the time that when we study the selectivity. Better organize all has as a result be much more productive, and not to leave anything behind when it comes to the necessary concepts. You can set time limits that range from days to years, and if the requested data, are introduced it is even possible to use stockings.

Aplicación Tiempo de estudio para Android

WP-Appbox: Time of study (Free*, Google Play) →

qUEstions PAU

Is an application developed by the European University (UE). Game questions to go by answering van performed and progress that is being referred to in the different materials that exist in the selectivity. Similar to Triviados, this is a development that deserves, and long, worthwhile use.

Aplicación qUEstions PAU para Android

WP-Appbox: qUEstions (Free, Google Play) PAU →

Calculator PAU

Everything you need to know the final note you’ve got in the selectivity, taking into account even the score had in high school. Easy to use since use is given to slippers, this work offers the possibility of adding a number of people, so you can even know the results of your friends.

Aplicación Calculadora PAU para Android

WP-Appbox: Calculator (Free, Google Play) PAU →

Court notes

Once the selectivity tests are completed and you have to the final score the important thing is to know if the note by cutting of the career that you have chosen does not prevent you to do so. With this development it can meet and, therefore, finally choosing the choices that you make when it comes to filling the registration.

Aplicación Notas De Corte para Android

WP-Appbox: Court notes (Free, Google Play) →

Other applications for the operating system from Google, you can meet them in this section of Android support. And, Yes, good luck with selectivity.

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