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First image “official” of the Samsung Galaxy S8

The Samsung Galaxy S8 yesterday appeared in a photograph that appeared to be the first real picture of the smartphone. However, a day later we can have which would be the first official image of the new flagship, confirming the characteristics which yesterday already talked about.

A display that occupies all the front

No Homebutton, or logo of Samsung… the front of the S8 Samsung Galaxy would be mainly occupied by the screen, as it can not be otherwise, after Xiaomi Mi MIX has arrived as one of the motives more revolutionaries of the 2016. The only elements that we have in the front as well as the screen, which will certainly be curved, will be the headset – essential for the calls-, front camera, proximity sensors, and a camera for identification according to the iris of the eye. We do not know exactly the percentage who will occupy the display, but you can easily reach 90%. It will be a really relevant data, and is that Samsung has decided to do without even of its logo.

Samsung Galaxy S8

Samsung Galaxy S8

Again highlights the reader of fingerprint fingerprint, that has lost relevance to the disappear of the front of the mobile, and be located in the section back, next to the camera. Actually it should not be difficult to use when we use the smartphone. However, in a variant of large-format, there is the possibility that the reader is a bit far. This will confirm it when your Smartphone is set permanently.

Apart from this, we have the elements that were expected in mobile, as the fact that follow present the headphone jack, that the frame is metal and the rear housing of glass, and that you have a new generation USB Type-C connector .

It is believed that the Samsung Galaxy S8 could be presented on March 29, and as we can see, your design will be similar to the previous versions, but with relevant news. Which dispense with its Home button is one of the most noteworthy innovations, as one of the elements had been more features of Samsung mobile phones to date.

The article first “official” image of the Samsung Galaxy S8 was published in AndroidAyuda.

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