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Find sports courts with Cloobing for Android

Exercise should be part of the life of each of us. And that means not having to confront a marathon or having to bring together 21 friends to play football. In fact today we can make sport of much simpler way. The paddle, for example, is has become in one of the sports of reference of many users. Cloobbing for Android is an application that was created to facilitate the search for tracks and sports schedules.

Cloobing for Android

With the rise of a sport as the paddle there are many who have decided to create their own sports centre specialized in the sport of glass walls. Offer is very great and very varied, which complicates much choosing a sports ground in particular. Many times we have to guide what we say friends or acquaintances, although that is often not enough. Cloobing for Android is an application that was created to solve this problem. Basically, it has all a database in which to find locations in your favourite sport.


Initially Cloobing is specialized in three types of places sports, that are the tracks of paddle, the tracks of golf, and the gyms. Since the implementation of Cloobing you can make reservations at your favorite centers. You will have to register anything more download and install the app, and you’ll have all the history with your reservations made previously. You can find both places to play near you an hour in particular and with the duration that you want to book these tracks, as well as locate tracks in other places that you go to go travelling, for example.

Cloobing Registrarse

You know what other users think

Something very good about Cloobing is that the platform is idea to compare different sports centres. As users can give their opinions on the different locations of sports, we will only have to guide us by what they say to know what all of them are better or worse. Finally and ultimately are the opinions of users who have already used these tracks the most useful for determining the level and the quality of the track that you want to book.

In growth

Cloobing current locations base is growing at this time account with 3,200 clubs across the country, including more than 90 golf courses, and dozens of gymnasiums and centers of paddle. The offer of direct bookings at this time is rather low, although they will work to make it grow. In any case, you can it find equally phones of contact of each of the centres, as well as schedules have and availability, and even the opinions given by other users, so it will continue to be useful to compare the different places.

Cloobing Precios

Since the app is growing, we ask that you contribute a part of this community. Download the app, register, locate places that already do sport, and says. In addition, if you like, don’t forget give us an estimation in Google Play so that we can continue working actively on improving this. We want you to be sincere, but we appreciate the five stars and any advice that you think that it may be useful to improve the service you offer.

Obviously, Cloobing for Android is a free application that is now available at this moment in Google Play.

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