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Find out how is the economic ZTE Axon 7 coming to Europe

Is already known when the ZTE 7 Axon to be put on sale in Europe. This is a model which is intended to compete in the high-end product without missing a Premium appearance. This say it since, for example, metal is an essential part of your design piece which, as we shall see, is pretty well once the device with android has has in his hand.

With a few very smooth contours in which collaborated BMW , the sensations offered by the Axon 7 ZTE are strength and at the same time, comfort – is appreciated as fine which is the device. By the way, the finish is really remarkable, and so this is so the cuts made in the casing made with diamond tools, which ensures that there is no problem in handling.

Frontal del ZTE Axon 7

Before leave the video where you can see how is live ZTE Axon 7, it is important that you know that performance and fluidity is really high on this device. The reason is none other than the good combination of processor, a Snapdragon 820, and RAM, which reaches the 4 GB. This hardware we have seen on other models and is synonymous with good performance. The case, is that as the operation is optimal in Android Marshmallow – with MiFavor 4.0-customization, which is the version of the operating system that is used with the device. Now we leave the video:

Click here to see the video

Some final details

One of the most prominent is the sound that emits the ZTE Axon 7 is really powerful and accurate, what is achieved among other things by the compatibility with Dolby Atmos . Indeed, the speakers offers a really good quality, something that should be kept in mind.

Uso del ZTE Axon 7

Then leave a list of the property offering the ZTE Axon 7 coming to Europe, a model that will go on sale by 449 euros and, therefore, offers an undeniably attractive price/quality ratio is really good and functioning as it has been seen, seamless:

  • 5.5 inch display with QHD quality and finish 2.5 d
  • 64 GB expandable using microSD card storage
  • 20 megapixel main camera (8 F:1.) with optical stabilizer. 8 megapixel front component
  • 3.140 mAh with rapid recharge battery
  • Compatible with Daydream of Google (virtual reality) technology


If you are interested in the ZTE Axon 7, is now possible to perform the reservation of a model at Amazon, which will be the first place where it will be available to the terminal. Subsequently arrive at other outlets, such as for example Phone House. This will happen in the fall. What do you think of this device?

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