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Finally, the Band 3 Mi Xiaomi will be not released this week

It will not be the my Xiaomi Band 3 which will be launched this week officially. We said yesterday that it seemed that the company could release a new version of its smart bracelet, but we now know that it will not be so. It will be a new bracelet that will reach its crowdfunding platform, but that won’t be the Xiaomi my Band in its third version.

There will be no Xiaomi my Band 3

With the good quality of the Mi Xiaomi Band 2, it seemed complex that could launch a Xiaomi my Band 3 that was really different. Finally, the novelty of the latest bracelet was the heart rate monitor, and does not seem possible to integrate more features into a same smart bracelet. And it will not be so. The new release of Xiaomi, which will occur on April 27, will not be a new My Band, but a smart bracelet that will reach the company crowdfunding platform, so it will not have the same relevance.

This bracelet we know that you will have an autonomy which exceed 30 days, and will be a bracelet for use at all times. Designed for athletes. It is likely that this bracelet has no screen, and limiting it to count steps and calories consumed. Probably there is no screen, in such a way that the battery power is consumed in the use of sensors of intelligent bracelet and nothing else.

Whatever it is, chances are neither screen nor heart rate monitor, but rather there is a very simple version of what is a smart bracelet able to count steps, hours of dreams and calories consumed, nothing more. Although that is more than enough if you arrive with a really low price.

We do not have is a new Band 3 Mi Xiaomi. It would be too soon to launch it, and is not clear what are the innovations that could become for this bracelet. The launch of A Band my Xiaomi 2S with slight improvementshave more logic. Taking into account that has been sold more than Apple Watch and any other clock or smart bracelet, it certainly has a very important role in the market.

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