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FIFA 17 lands in Android as FIFA Mobile Football

17th FIFA is already here. Well, that would love to players of the versions for video game consoles, but no, not yet here the version for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. However, it is here the new equivalent version for smartphones and Android tablets, and arrives with a new name, FIFA Mobile Football.

FIFA Mobile Football

It calls attention to its new name, who did not want to associate to a specific year, but rather a game in itself, and is that probably the coming season we will not see a new version of the game, but simply an update to this. It has logic that the game be called different every year if it is for sale, but if it is a free download game, which is going to be updated, does not have as much logic. And again that is the bet of Electronics Arts for the game of football in its mobile version, the be able to download it for free, and then include some shopping in-app in a game that is going to get many users, especially among those who do not play the version for video game consoles.

FIFA Mobile

One of the novelties of the game this year, in addition to having been completely renovated and meet with a relatively new game system, is that it will include play Championships with other users, so there will be a very social determinant in this new version of the game, that will take users to be able to compete with your friends from your own smartphone. Perhaps this is the key, and what more can differentiate it from the consoles. Although it is true that the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One version includes online gaming, and we can play with friends, we all know how exploits the social factor in the video games Mobile, because at the end, and after all, not all have a game console, but all have a mobile phone.

FIFA Mobile Football is already present in Google Play, although it requires a prior registration so that Electronics Arts already give us access to the game and we can play it, something for which it is possible that we have to have patience.

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