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FIFA 17 Companion the Assistant for game already available in Play Store

The FIFA franchise is one of the most important in the history of video games, and this, shows it that it takes many years among users. The case is that the new release is about to be activated and, fortunately, it is possible to have an Assistant in the Android terminals so that you don’t miss anything what happens or that generate new options on your computers. We refer to FIFA 17 Companion.

This development is thought for them lovers of the game and, especially, for those who have thought give use to the last delivery . Therefore, it is necessary to have the original game on some of the platforms announced (such as Xbox One or PS4), an account in EA and, also, a team in FIFA Ultimate Team. Otherwise, not be able to use FIFA 17 Companion in your Android.

With this development, which you can get free on the image that we leave behind this paragraph, is possible from create alignments for FUT 17 matches, and even make bids from the Android device anywhere… for what that is abreast of what is happening in the popular game. So it is a very interesting tool for fans of this game.

WP-Appbox: FIFA 17 Companion (Free, Google Play) →

A very complete application

It certain is that them possibilities that offers FIFA 17 Companion are quite spacious, by what deserves the penalty give you an opportunity at the time of manage all what is has in this development online. Perhaps the most important thing is the power be abreast of transfers, since many doubted how manage these once you are not in front of the console. In addition, the challenges of the template when creating it, also have very good (not to mention access to the shop).

Interfaz del asistente FIFA 17 Companion

FIFA 17 lands in Android as FIFA Mobile Football

The case is that with FIFA 17 Companion is much easier to manage all of the associated game which, as every year, reach the consoles to be one of the best selling (and more) taking into account the Christmas that we are. Indeed, them requirements not are very high, because with have Android 4.1 or upper is all perfectly fulfilled and, in addition, the development is completely translated. Other game you can find them in this link from our page.

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