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Facebook Messenger WhatsApp reaches, is the future of messaging?

Facebook Messenger was launched as the choice of Facebook to compete by WhatsApp, as well as other rivals such as Hangouts, or Apple messages. However, Facebook later bought WhatsApp. Now, Facebook Messenger has reached to WhatsApp in number of users, and we wonder if it is the future of messaging.

Facebook Messenger WhatsApp reaches

It has been David Marcus, who is Vice President of Facebook, and head of the division of Messenger, who reported that the messaging application has reached 1,200 million users, which means having reached the same figure to WhatsApp. The latter reached this number of users in February, so actually two applications have already a very similar number of users, because at the end and at the end we are talking about figures active users, not just facilities.

Facebook Messenger

Active users, but do real?

Of course, would have to discuss if really are active users of the application real users of the same. I.e. have the application installed on the phone and enter a couple of times a month to respond to messages is not the same as using the application every hour almost as with WhatsApp. That is why there is a great difference. The ideal would be to compare applications by number of messages sent and received, because that would really give us real figures. And is that this happens because we can’t use Facebook from your mobile application messages, but that we have to install Facebook Messenger, which makes this last at the end is installed in mobile.

Even so, should take into account that it is an application that is widely used in the United States. There WhatsApp wasn’t so successful as in our country. However, there is as much difference between WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. That is why, not uncommon to think that someday Facebook Messenger could be the future of messaging.

The future… but not present

Even so, if someday Facebook Messenger is the most widely used messaging application, that is something that we don’t know because, right now, isn’t it. WhatsApp will remain still for a long time the most used app.

Would not be rare that Facebook plans are the get capture users to Messenger, as it will feature advertising platform. At the moment, they have a good base of users, and it remains to be seen if this will grow over time.

The Facebook Messenger article reaches to WhatsApp, is the future of messaging? It was published in AndroidAyuda.

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