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Enjoy the strategy in the clouds with the Cloud Raiders game

Sure that on occasion have tried a strategy game in real time on your Android device. I have liked and you are looking for a new title for fun in this vacation, we will recommend one that surely that catches your attention for its quality and differential details offering. We refer to Cloud Raiders.

As in all titles with the real-time strategy as Center of the action, the key to reaching fruition (never better said) is to get the most money possible to, as well, to go forward to create more infrastructure for attack and defend . And, also, in order to have the best possible army. But the way to achieve this is what makes different Cloud Raiders, a development which comes with a graphics that meet and a decent sound, so play in range of input devices may.

Interfaz de Cloud Raiders

A good detail that offers development just run it is that you have a tutorial as complete, by learning to play is not exactly something problematic, in addition to the learning curve is quite soft. In terms of the issues that Cloud Raiders has, it must be said that the pirates are present, since these attack constantly to the settlement that is in the game. In addition, you also can address to these once have been defeated.

The multiplayer option is present in the title, which is enhanced since this is a development platform that allows you to take on other players when they reach a certain level – provided that they are not part of your clan. An interesting detail of Cloud Raiders is the choice of create different options that allow your troops being much more potent at a particular moment of the battle… and believe us that this is essential in many cases – depending on even the win or lose a good use of these concoctions-.

Batalla en el juego Cloud Raiders

Without complications, but winning isn’t easy

Form in which to play Cloud Raiders does not differ much to the rest of strategy games in real time that there are for Android. Thus, the use of touch screen par indicate actions or the place in which a building is built is present. As for the advisable to go forward, what should always be here is to have of the raw materials and money for any eventuality. A detail that we not reveal much to not “gut anything”: the clouds are essential…

Atacar barco en Cloud Raiders

Battles have as a fundamental element of the deployment of the troops is done, since it depends on are much more productive at the time of finish with the enemies . The subsequent reaction options not are very high, something that won’t be a problem for those who play to Clash of Clans, for example. Management of the settlement, apart from adding construction of creation and defense, there is no great complexity further apart to evolve them if there are enough – it is not easy, but when you go up in level the things becomes less complex-.

Avance de niveles en Cloud Raiders

A simple at the same time that game fun , and is not very demanding in what refers to the number of hours needed to be able to have fun and go forward (integrated shopping are heading). That Yes, some minutes a day that must be used if you want to be among the best in Cloud Raiders.

Enemigo final en Cloud Raiders

GetTabla del juego Cloud Raiders

Is possible to download Cloud Raiders in Galaxy Apps and Play Store free of charge (although in the first shop has gifts as additional resources from the first moment of the game). A striking choice for these holidays that will delight fans of real-time strategy titles for some details differential, is the most fun.

Cloud Raiders in Galaxy Apps download.

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