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Empty., probably the best game of puzzle game of the year

Has slow in arriving, because is has released almost to end of this 2016, but probably is the best game of puzzles of the year. It is rather intended for patient people. But around a aspect really minimalist, we find with a game of it more interesting and peculiar. So is Empty.

Empty., a game based on the colors

Itself, Empty is a game that conveys simplicity. And it is that the appearance of the game could not be simpler. Everything revolves around the colors. Each of the levels will be a roomful of objects that we will have to get rid of. Each one of these objects, as well as each an of the walls, is of a color concrete, and only can do disappear such objects when them do match with the walls. For this, we can modify the perspective with which we see the room to match the objects with the walls of that color. When this happens, we fail to see the object, and when we stop seeing it, it disappears. The objective in each level is leave the empty room that don’t fit anything.

That Yes, we will have to use the strategy. Whenever we use a wall as this happens to be white, and therefore useless to dispel another object, so you have to think well what objects are going to try to do away with every wall, and what order we will continue. It must also take into account more elements, such as the fact that we can do to an object with another object of the same color disappear, as well as that there is some special items that give the walls a particular color, so we will have to plan well when to disappear these to “paint” the wall of that particular color.


Empty. It is a simple puzzle game as well as complex, whose difficulty is increasing and makes more and more essential to resort to the repeat level button to begin and try to overcome it. It is possible that this is the best jigsaw puzzle game of the year.

The Empty item, probably the best jigsaw puzzle game of the year was published in AndroidAyuda.

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