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DUAL: two players, two screens, a Board

With the amount of games that exist for Android, many of them multiplayer online, sometimes it is complex to find a local multiplayer game. I.e., two players, with two phones, but without having to connect to the Internet. DUAL is one of these options. A simple game, for two players, in which we play with two screens, but with a unique tablet.


DUAL has three different game modes, which you can use for two-player games. Each player uses their own mobile to participate. And in this case, it is the motion sensor which coordinates the movements of our subject. A press on the screen determines the action of what is a spaceship. The three game modes are remarkably simple, but the fact that each mobile is one half of the Board makes this a very fun game, because we will have to be watching the screen of our rival what happens to act on our screen when it’s our turn.


The game has a free form, and also a form of payment that we unlock some additional elements to play and which facilitate the game with regard to those who do not have the paid version. It is almost a “pay-to-win”.

Either way, DUAL is a good game to be installed on your mobile phone and play some games with a friend who has also installed in your smartphone. It is not much less the most complex game in the world, but it is this simplicity that makes it an ideal game to play games, and that makes it fun more by the social aspect of the game, by the operation of the game itself.

WP-Appbox: DUAL! (+Free, Google Play) →

You can play in multiplayer games with a friend both for Bluetooth, as through WiFi if there is any common that connect network.

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