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Download the wallpapers of Xiaomi Mi5c

Today we have seen as Xiaomi presented its new terminal for the mid-range, Xiaomi Mi5c, which came with a new processor, own Xiaomi, that promises much and that surely improve to one day incorporate it in the high range. Today, we bring you the way to download wallpapers of Xiaomi Mi5c.

One of the brands most always stands out in the mid-range market is Xiaomi, given that always puts the most powerful specifications of the market at a price of the demolition, which fail to make other companies never. Today, also will have worn, taking two new terminals in these price ranges, the Xiaomi Mi5c and Redmi Note 4 x.

Download the wallpapers of Xiaomi Mi5c

The Xiaomi Mi5c es the first terminal of the company to incorporate a processor of the Chinese firm. As we saw in this processor benchmarks, it will be at the height of the other processors of the middle range of Qualcomm and MediaTek, being very close to overcome them. It would not be uncommon to see the next terminal of Xiaomi high-end in one year to take an improved version of this processor.

Xiaomi Mi5c recall that, apart from carrying a Surgeon processor, has 3 GB of RAM, with 32 GB of storage and 2860 mAh battery. A screen of 5.15 inches, like its predecessor, the Xiaomi Mi5, and a body with materials perhaps not so premiums as expected. But now let’s importantly, which are the wallpapers of Xiaomi Mi5c.

fondos de pantalla del Xiaomi

Today we have seen that it has not yet gone this terminal on sale, but we do have available two wallpapers by Xiaomi Mi5c, since at the moment there is more available. These wallpapers are pretty aesthetic, and we see have a very vibrant colors, so it is not a bad option at all, try them at our terminal. To download it, it should download the zip file containing these wallpapers of Xiaomi Mi5c here.

We do not know what such curdle this Xiaomi Mi5c, but do not doubt that Xiaomi will continue to reign in the Middle for a long range until another brand that will match their prices. Until then, the Chinese firm has the catalog largest Terminal in a price cut, and as we have seen today, the idea is to continue renewing it every little time.

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