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Download Google Allo 2.0 keyboard GIF and rapid response

Google Allo, the new Google smart messaging application, It is getting an update to version 2.0 in the last hours, as thus the company announced just moments ago via Twitter. The application update brings interesting new features such as support to GIFs on the keyboard, or the new direct answers.

Many here recall as a few months ago Google Allo arrived next Google Duo to renew the landscape of the Internet giant instant messaging applications. Following its official launch weeks ago, now received the first major update of Allo, hiding interesting novelties for the enjoyment of its users.

What’s new with Google Allo

The main new feature of this update is support for multi-window mode for those users who can now enjoy 7.0 Android Nougat in their phones. With Google Allo 2.0, users can chat in a window while at the same time working with another application on the same screen.

Another novelty of this update of the application of Messaging Instant is the support for answers direct from the panel of notifications, another of the main features that give form to the new system operating of Google. Now, when you receive a message of Allo, just slide down the notification and respond to the message without the need to open the application.

respuestas desde notificaciones google allo

A third novelty comes exclusively to all users with Android installed 7.1, since as we announced days ago Google new keyboard is compatible with files GIFs. The latest update of Google Allo adds support for this type of files, allowing Exchange GIFs until they reach other competition like WhatsApp application formally.

Last, but not least, also comes the compatibility with Android Wear in version 2.0 of Google Allo. With this new update can respond by voice or using emojis from our smartwatch with Google’s operating system for wearables devices.

Download Google Allo 2.0

The official Google Allo update has yet to Google Play Store, at least while we’re writing these lines. However, if you can’t wait to enjoy the GIF keyboard, support for multi-window or fast responses from the application, then you leave the APK file that contains all of these developments.

Download the APK from the new version of Google Allo

Certainly miss some other features such as a web or Google Allo desktop, version and so have other instant messaging applications, but it seems that Google will make us a little more wait for future updates of Google Allo to enjoy this possibility.

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