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Download and install the new version of the application phone of Google

Calls unwanted, and that on many occasions are that try to sell something over the phone, they are quite annoying for users. There are some additional Android apps that offer the option of controlling these, but it is possible to do this with the development Google phone, which is itself included in the devices with the operating system of Mountain View, which does not include modifications.

By the time the new functionality is only effective on devices of the range Nexus or the Android One , but not long expected that the iteration that we talk about Google phone is compatible with other devices. The case is that this work be warned the incoming call from a number with a not exactly exemplary history is a completely real possibility.

All is very simple

Operation is very simple, since once the Google phone application detects that the number is not reliable (without losing the current features that recognize those who have contacts), it appears a banner of color red that warns of this to the user. With this you can from rejecting it until it locks so that in the future the warning is not shown again. Obviously, is can establish all the contrary-if the development is wrong-.

Aplicación Teléfono de Google detectando spam

Is the version of the phone application of Google which mentioned the 4.0 and, in addition to the new specified functionality, correcting some bugs detected as those relating to the volume of notices. The case is that the usefulness of the new option included in development is undeniable, provided the list of phones that perform spam is really effective

Download and installation manual

If you do not want to wait for the update from Play Store, you can get the Necessary APK to proceed directly from the terminal Nexus or Android One here. A time made this, simply press in the file and follows the instructions with confidence, because the development phone of Google is signed by the company of Mountain View. In relation to compatibility, it is required for Android 6.0 for use and have 12 MB of space on the device.

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