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Download and install the new version Google Fit 1.57 for Android

The new version Google Fit 1.57 can download and install manually if you have a terminal with Android operating system. This is the development offered by the Mountain View company to control the exercise physicists held and the truth is that it is fairly efficient – and, in addition, one of the most interesting developments of Android Wear-.

Case is that Google Fit 1.57 seeks to give an important step in the work, since moves to convert to this application at much more complete , especially if compared with other developments that are currently in its segment – and that, by amount of options and interface more attractive. can be And, the truth is that he is achieved to improve clearly.

One of the great innovations of the new iteration is that the appearance of the interface of work progresses Interestingly. Now in the new aspect, since ya que asi so should be disposed as well, are more data in the same space, which increases its utility. Apart from that, the structure is more logical and intuitive, without missing a design that is very similar to offer that other developments of the company, as for example your calendar.

Nueva interfaz de Google Fit 1.57

Other additives

Apart from a new EU interface I liked – and I am one of those who use the development-, it is now possible Add activity, and individual objectives . In this way, the number of steps or set time can be different to the own development, offering (which is included in the widget).

By the way, that you can also see the new interface of Google Fit 1.57 in watches with Android Wear , so now the appearance is best, and the use of the touch screen much easier. An important detail: the way to create new objectives or register manually performed exercise gets with only click the icon with the symbol “+” right bottom.

Crear nuevo dato en Google Fit 1.57
Generar objetivo personalizado en Google Fit 1.57

Google Fit 1.57 download

If you want to download and install this version of the development of the Mountain View company, can do so at this link and, once you have it on your phone, simply click on it and follow the messages that appear on screen (Yes, the option must be activated unknown sources). This is done, it is possible to enjoy the news. Other applications for Google’s operating system can also find them in this section of Android support.

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