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Download and install Google Play Services 9.2 on your Android device

One of the vital elements for the proper functioning of an Android device is the access and management of Google services. This ensures good communication between applications between different versions of the operating system from Google. As well, there is a new iteration of this which is none other than the so-called Google Play Services 9.2 of which leave the download link.

In this way, you can proceed to the manual installation on phones and tablets with Android, since the deployment has begun officially, but not in all regions. Therefore, if you want to enjoy the innovations that are included in Google Play Services 9.2, you simply have to perform the steps we are going to initiate more later, that they are not complicated or dangerous.

Logotipo de Google Play Services

The most important innovations

As one of the more interesting Google Play Services 9.2 is the addition of character recognition using an optical process , similar to that used when reading bar codes. This includes using an API, so it gives all the necessary developers so that they incorporate it in their work. The Spanish is one of the languages that are already in the game. The case is that with this new addition possibilities for applications increase considerably. Also within Android Mobile Visión – what is part of the above-, expressions of the face recognition is improved.

Other improvements to take into account is that they are definitely corrected some of the problems that had been located in previous versions of the service, so some errors that were detected to the download are a thing of the step using Google Play Services 9.2. Apart, the Nearby functionality debugged with option now use Bluetooth to share files with other nearby devices – this is something that has not been implemented in a comprehensive manner at the moment-.

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Download of Google Play 9.2 Services

If you want to manually install the new version of the services, the APK can get it from this link (you must select which fits with your Android device). Once achieved, simply click on it and enable unknown sources, will begin the installation which is identical to the usual process. Other applications you can them to Google’s system can meet them in this section of Android support.

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