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Do you like fishing? If so, these Android games are perfect for you

Lovers of fishing at times has complicated leaving to give free rein to his hobby, whether in a river or reservoir. If this is your case, you must know that there are a lot of Android games that allow you to emulate what it feels like to have the cane in hand and try to make the best trophy there is low water. We show you some examples of what you can get.

As always we usually try in Android support, the election consists of different titles that has two denominators in common: they are completely free of charge and, in addition, they can get from Play Store. Thus, the simplicity is beyond doubt to download them and, in the case that does not like some of the proposals, remove it from the phone or tablet is not problematic since has not spent a euro in achieving it.

Juego de pesca para Android

The chosen Android games

Below are some relevant links and explanation of each of the titles that we have chosen, and has as a center of fun fishing, differently in many of them, but always with the quest to be fun :

Rapala Fishing – Daily Catch

With graphics in three dimensions it is possible to go fishing to different places where, obviously, the dams are completely different. So, it should make use of different baits, and even hooks and rods vary. Recognizes gestures when playing, which makes the use really simple.

Juego Android Rapala Fishing - Daily Catch

WP-Appbox: Rapala Fishing – Daily Catch (Free*, Google Play) →

Fishing Break

This is a title that is intended to be fun, and the graphics fit even for those who are not professional, but who love this sport. Different “worlds” in which fish in which is possible to be with 200 different kinds of fish. It is even possible to go on a raft to take the bait into the water. It is simple to use and does not fit in complex combinations of rigs.

Juego Android Fishing Break

WP-Appbox: Fishing Break (Free*, Google Play) →

ACE Fishing: Wild Catch

The great appeal of this game Android is that there is a world ranking with the best catches, a challenge that the fishing lovers always takes into account. Is realistic, by what is possible even customize the rods or the bait to use. The places available in which to launch the line are different parts of the world, and depending on each of them, it is necessary to adapt the material. Quality graphics and realism very got, make this work one of the most highly recommended.

Jugo Android Ace Fishing: Wild Catch

WP-Appbox: ACE Fishing: Wild Catch (Free*, Google Play) →

Bait fishing

This is one of the games Android tablets-compatible, so it is possible to use on any device. With a graphics-eye-catching, although they are not the most realistic, offers all options and even recognizes the movement to the use of the sensors. A detail that should be assessed is that it does not need Internet connection to play.

Juego Android Anzuelo de Pescar

WP-Appbox: Bait fishing (Free*, Google Play) →

Other games for Google’s operating system, you can get them in this section of Android support, where there are developments of all kinds and, therefore, for all tastes.

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