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Do you already with the exclusive MIX my Xiaomi

It is the phone of the moment. Is more. It is the phone of the year. It is the only smartphone that has gotten this 2016 present something that others have been no, and makes some years was a company that you just cloned mobile, there is nothing. But everything has changed, and the Xiaomi my MIX is a mobile surprising. Launching in limited editions. As nice as exclusive. But even so, you say you can get, when and by how much.

10,000 units per month

For a company that sells smart phones as if soccer balls we were talking about, produce a mobile hand is something completely different. It is not that all processes are hand, logically, but the automation process is reduced, and many mobile production tasks must be performed manually. Let us note that it is an mobile built in ceramicto. For this reason, the production of mobile is reduced to only 10,000 units per month. It is so unique. Is your price? You are not going to say much officially, because that we already said it in the analysis of Xiaomi my MIX. We’re going to say much right now get it from Spain.

Xiaomi Mi MIX Diseño

Xiaomi my MIX

600 euros. It is not much, really, if we compare it with mobiles that are “normal”. It is a standard price for a smartphone that stands out above all others. This is what it will cost us to make us the most basic already version itself is very good with a memory of 4 GB and RAM with an internal memory of 128 GB. Of course, if you are a gourmet, the version that includes the details in 18 carat gold, with a 6 GB RAM memory and an internal memory of 256 GB, then you will have to spend a little more, up to 700 euros. Even so, it is not a lot.

That Yes, you will have to wait a bit, because right now Geekbuying has it on reserve. They sent to Spain, but it will take a little more than one month to send. The official launch of the mobile is expected for November 4, although they take a little more to be units available to send to Spain. Even so, you know where to buy this MIX my Xiaomi and at what price. From my point of view, economic, to be a mobile phone that can be considered, perfectly, the best phone of the year.

The article already get the exclusive MIX my Xiaomi was published in AndroidAyuda.

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