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DISTANT, the new adventure from the creators of High Adventure completo

You have the unmistakable stamp of the creator of a game that will be the story, High Adventure completo. This time we don’t have a skier, but anyone who sees it will realize that the essence is the same. A simple, simple game, but it captivates anyone who plays it. That’s what awaits us with DISTANT, that it has already been announced.


We know little of this game, with the exception of the announcement that has been made official today and which moreover has become accompanied by a trailer that is difficult to understand until it is completely. The aesthetics of this new title is more striking, and reminds us of perfection high completoadventure. Of course, the fact of be being developed by the same company just has something to do, because it’s Snowman. Even we also have a scenario in two dimensions, in which our main character will have to go forward and overcoming obstacles, as well as collecting different elements that appear on screen. It is a classic platform games, and is exactly the same definition that we give high completo Adventure. You catch the trailer to find out about what you can expect.

As you can see, the soundtrack will also play a key role. In the previous high ‘ s Adventure the sound was vital, and offered an experience of it more immersive despite being a game of it more simple and Basic. And the same hope that you occur in this DISTANT, in which play with headphones will become essential.

Not be mentioned in no time that the game go to get to Android or to iOS. Yes it is, however, his arrival to PC, Mac, video game consoles and even Apple TV. However, it seems that the mention of these platforms has nothing to do with the fact that will not be launching on Android or iOS, but rather to the fact that it is assumed to be for these platforms mainly, and which in addition also reach the others. In fact, is being developed on the Platform Unity, and uses graphic Open GL, by what your target main would be them smartphones and tablets.

At the moment, we are still without a date for the release of the game, but now already has been announced officially, we have a trailer, and probably does not take much to definitively reach our smartphones and tablets.

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