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Discover how will be tournaments Clash Royale

I discussed in Android support that the arrival of the tournaments is not very far away in Clash Royale , and own developer has supplied information regarding serving more or less to learn what this new type of game that is intended to make you both more experts and new players. As well, is possible know how will be these in live and live to the expected of that today same is deploy it update.

That say it since has been published an explanatory video by one of the testers of the tournaments at Clash Royal in which, for example, it is possible to see how to create one and, indeed, is that the steps to give no are especially complex – as it is the case generally with all the sections of this title-. In addition, it is very clear that the gems are vital when it comes to be that creates a competition.

Case is that it is necessary to dispose of, at least, 500 gems to create a tournament (the basics). If is bring more, is can establish awards very upper- and, therefore, be more demanding in what is concerned to the level that has each participant-. Without more, we leave the video which shows everything you mentioned:

Click here to see the video

The location is key

Yes, when creating a tournament it is possible to establish the place where he is and, thus, who look for one to participate can choose to close and, therefore, get to be in the same place and, even, with the Group of friends that is chatting. He system of split is similar to as is used by default in Clash Royal, and of this form is provides a flexibility at the time of play more that if exist clashes direct that force to them users to be connected (there will be that see that such works this, the truth).

Indeed, if you leave a tournament in full dispute in Clash Royale, the investment made to participate is lost completely since you can only participate in one at the same time. Also should be noted that all those who are part of a tournament and left half of the table upwards will receive a prize, so it is not necessary to be among the first three (although the winner gets a bigger “cake”).

Juego Clash Royale

The truth is that Clash Royale will give an interesting step tournaments since the interactivity increases considerably, so I think its inclusion is a success and, in addition, logical that creating them is no longer especially cheap than the prizes in the form of chests, I already advanced, they are pretty sweet. Other Android games you can meet them here.

The article see how will be the tournaments of Clash Royale is published in AndroidAyuda.

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