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Denial official of the existence of the Xiaomi my MIX Nano

Xiaomi Mi MIX Nano It might not be a reality finally. After multiple rumors and even of photographs in which have seen the new phone smart appear beside the Xiaomi my MIX original, has been the director of marketing of the company china Zang Zhiyuan, which has confirmed that the smartphone not is will launch, that not it have between their plans.

Goodbye to the Xiaomi my MIX Nano

Certainly, the Xiaomi my MIX has been one of them smartphones more striking of which is have released this year by have counted with a feature that not have seen in others mobile, and is a screen that occupies more than the 90% of the front, getting even that move the speaker, the sensors and the camera front. A mobile with a design really nice, in which what more highlights is the minimalism that found in a device in which the screen is the main protagonist. Clear is, in a mobile of the size of an iPhone 7 Plus, without bevels, the screen is going to a lot, 6.4 inch. And is by that that the rumors about a Xiaomi my MIX Nano began to arrive, a mobile equal but more small with screen of 5.5 inch. You think that continues being big? Actually is a compact in which the display occupies all the front.

Xiaomi Mi MIX Pantalla

However, now has been the director of marketing of Xiaomi, Zang Zhiyuan, nothing more and nothing less, which has debunked the existence of this device, to the say literally that “not there a product as the Xiaomi my MIX Nano“. Then has clarified that itself could get “a device with less impact on the market”.

A Xiaomi Redmi MIX?

Based on the words of Zang Zhiyuan, what appears is that not is will launch a version of a size lower of the Xiaomi my MIX, as until now is had spoken. And is that even seemed to know is them features techniques with which would have the new Xiaomi my MIX Nano, being this a mobile of the more high range, with a great RAM, a great processor and a very good camera.

However, it would fit a more basic mobile, with a display almost no bevels, but not with non-existent bezels. For example, a normal loudspeaker, not requiring to change audio technology could be. Also ceramics as a material of manufacture could be avoided. And it might not be in the high range, but rather a mid-range without bevels. Something like a Xiaomi Redmi MIX. In case of arrival, the first week of December seems the date expected for the launch of the mobile. We will see to see what finally Xiaomi has prepared.

The official denial of the existence of the Nano MIX my Xiaomi article was published in AndroidAyuda.

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