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Dares Google to make its own phone? Seems to be Yes

Not so long ago that some statements from the CEO of Google , Sundar Pichai, anticipating a substantial change in how they work in regards to mobile terminals that the company put on the market. They claim to have more control over these and, obviously, different information has been regarding as commented by the directors. And one of them, is that I would be working on the development of an own terminal which would not count with the help of any manufacturer (such as occurs with the Nexus).

And, the truth is that Google’s last movements never cease to point in this direction. An example is the hiring of Rick Osterloh, responsible for a long time of the creation of devices at Motorola, which would provide the necessary experience to get launch an own quality terminal and attention-grabbing. The case is that the design, manufacture and of course the software RAID at the hands of the Mountain View company.

Google Logo

In this way Google would seem a little more to Apple , because that would have, at least, a terminal which would have total control of what happens with it. And, for example, in what refers to updates will improve in haste, since it would not have to have the approval of third-party (in relation to the Nexus manufacturers). The case is that the words of Pichai would be good.

Their arrival and the Nexus

Because according to reports that have appeared not it would take much to know the work that Google is doing to bring to market a device created by them without help from anyone. So much so that end of year is when it is believed that the new model of the Mountain View company will be official, and will have to see what product range addresses (provided by the media is the wisest).

Nexus 6P

By the way, that the arrival of this model would not make the usual Nexus disappeared, at least in the short and medium term, since own Google CEO commented that they are very happy How is currently this product range, and that they have no intention, at least, for his part, put an end. I.e., that have more ‘pure’ Android options to choose for the users. What do think?

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