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Cyanogen confirms its close December 31, CyanogenMod is in danger

Has been the Custom ROM more recognized of all the panorama Android throughout those years. And CyanogenMod has come even to inspire manufacturers to integrate the functions of this ROM in your own software. Now, Cyanogen announced its closure, on 31 December, and the future of CyanogenMod is not all clear.

Goodbye to Cyanogen

Born as CyanogenMod, a ROM highly customizable based on the basic ROM of Android, but with more features and more options. Over time it has become the best option for anyone who would like to change the software on your mobile phone. And it is that in addition to many personalization features, was very well optimized ROM and was one of the best options if we wanted a perfect performance in your mobile phone. With the time, the creators of the ROM decided to treat of win money with she, and created Cyanogen Inc, a company that marketed a version advanced inspired in the ROM.


They got some manufacturers to pay for making use of this software, including OnePlus. But the truth is that it’s over. Probably because of the differences between the founder of CyanogenMod and makers of Cyanogen Inc. Or probably because the venture was never profitable. Whatever it is, the reality is that Cyanogen Inc Announces its closing, which also implies the cessation of work on the CyanogenMod ROM, as well as in the Nighty Builds. Later, this will occur on 31 December. That is, right now, as soon as the end of this year which is only a week.

What will be of CyanogenMod?

As we see, CyanogenMod already does not count with a support official from Cyanogen Inc. However, have confirmed that CyanogenMod will continue being available so anyone can use the software and develop on he. I.e., that in principle the community could continue keeping this ROM. The big problem will be how will van to organize. And is that the situation more likely is that none of them founders of the ROM have interest in continue with the project, by what all will depend on of that any movement in the community can do that the ROM survive. Not would be nothing rare that as a result of this see how arise several projects based on CyanogenMod with the objective of make that this ROM not die, and that finally derived in several software different. That do not would be entirely negative. Can that some day talk of ROMs different and say that are based in CyanogenMod. It is undoubtedly the Custom ROM that has made history and part of Android.

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