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Customize your Android mobile as the Samsung Galaxy S8

Already we have been able to know all the details of new high-end Samsung, the Galaxy S8 and S8 + terminals. These two terminals have come to reign in the market no doubt, leaving us to see that Samsung still had to improve in almost perfect design, making sure of the S8 is now the most sought-after. Today, we are going to teach how Customize your mobile Android as the new Samsung Galaxy S8.

The highlight of this new Galaxy S8 is the subject of the Infinity Display, screen than what’s special is that occupies most of the screen the front of the S8 Galaxy. It is for this reason that last year we could find ourselves on a mobile as the S7’s size a 5.1-inch screen, while in this new generation, in the same space, we find a 5.8-inch screen.

Customize your mobile phone as the new Samsung Galaxy S8

Today we are going to teach how Customize your mobile Android to be the closest thing to the new Galaxy S8. First, are the wallpapers. Our colleagues from MovilZona teach us how to download all the wallpapers of the Galaxy S8, so that first goal already what we have. Let us remember that these wallpapers have not the same way operate as having the S8, which change depending on if you are in the lock screen or not.

The second thing we need to do is download the pack of icons of the Samsung Galaxy S8. This pack of icons shows us a quite new design with and minimalist compared to the latest generation of TouchWiz. Is that Samsung has sought to give a cleaning to your customization layer, which is today called Samsung Experience.

Samsung Galaxy S8

The last thing we have is to put customization toolbar something resembling the of Galaxy S8. In this application that we have found, we cannot find exactly the same navigation bar, but if we can find any similar, so it can save us time.

WP-Appbox: NavBar Apps (Free+, Google Play) →

The last step is to have installed Nova Launcher, one of the best and most popular Launcher. Once downloaded, put the navigation bar as we want, the wallpaper and icons, will simply have to put the apps drawer is opened in the same way as in the Google Pixel, sliding upwards. Once this is done, we will have to put black color at the bottom of the application.

After following all these steps, we already have our Android device as similar to the Samsung Galaxy S8. If we want it look more, we will have to wait for some official Nova Launcher or another launcher update polishes details.

WP-Appbox: Nova Launcher (Free, Google Play) →

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