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Custom Quick Settings 2.0, customizing to the maximum the settings fast

The section of settings fast of our Mobile Android has gone gaining relevance with the arrival of the new versions of the system operating. But nothing is as ideal as being able to configure as you want by customizing the most, each item in the quick settings, something that is now possible with Custom Quick Settings 2.0.

Customizing the quick settings

It must be said that the option of personalizing the speedy adjustments has been something that manufacturers have been integrating into their own Android-based versions of software. Even Google has gone expanding each time more these options of customization to arrive in Nougat to create an API precisely for this, so can exist functions of them applications created to appear in them settings fast.

Trucos Android con destornillador

But Custom Quick Settings 2.0 goes further and gives us the option to fully customize the quick adjustments without the need of having the latest version of the operating system. In fact, is possible customize the section of settings fast from the version Jelly Bean, which means that were precursors of this new function.

With Custom Quick Settings 2.0 we have in reality is a new quick settings panel, where we will have to add new items. To each one of these elements can add the icon that we want to recognize it to it first. And then, have that assign a function specific to each one of those elements. The function of this element can be a fit of Android, screen brightness or volume-related. Can be also an application in yes same, to run it to the press on said item. Or it can be a shortcut in this application as a shortcut to a WhatsApp, conversation or the option of running the Chamber of Instagram directly to capture a photo then share in the social network.

WP-Appbox: Custom Quick Settings (Free+, Google Play) →

Custom Quick Settings 2.0 it has update to this second version complete application which includes many more possibilities, although it has a defect, as it is the fact of not be able to use it in those smartphones where it is not possible to modify the quick settings panel. Even so, if your mobile is compatible, is a great option, an of the best applications that have to customize your mobile and win speed at the time of run them different applications and actions in your smartphone Android.

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