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Curved screens come to stay, up to 5 Chinese companies launch mobile with these

Curved screens will not be an exclusive novelty in Samsung mobiles. It is matter of time, and very little time, the market is full of smartphones with screens of this type. In particular, could be up to 5 Chinese companies that will launch new mobile phones with screens curves before or after that end of the year 2016.


In all, the most notable is Xiaomi. We know that the company would be working on a flagship that would have a curved screen. This new phone smart would be a rival of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, but also highlight by the made of be a mobile with a great relationship quality / price, something that identifies to all the mobile of the brand.

However, it will not be the only mobile highlight. And it is that other phones that would of Xiaomi curved screen could be nothing less than Xiaomi Redmi 4. If the new phone’s basic range already includes a display of this type, that means that it would be a feature that we could see in an infinite number of phones in a matter of very little time. We will see.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge


Another Chinese company that will also launch a mobile with curved screen will be Meizu. We know that Meizu launches very similar to the Samsung smartphones a few months once they are launched. And now it will launch the new Meizu E series. It seems that one of the large Smartphone that could cast would be a smartphone with curved screen. Another more to compete with Samsung Galaxy Note 7.

Huawei, Gionee and OPPO

And finally we should be the role of three companies such as Huawei, OPPO and Gionee. And we are not talking about any companies. Let us note that the first two are in the Top 5 global manufacturing of smartphones, so that its relevance is total. Gionee is another case, but also notable for releasing smartphones with a good revived quality/price, and in any case is a good sign that will become more mobile with this feature and that is over generalizing.

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