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Creative NUNO micro, a cheap, good and small Bluetooth Speakerphone

Honestly, I think that a Bluetooth speaker is something essential for any user to listen to music often. You can find large format, very small, very expensive or very cheap. But me personally I liked the Creative NUNO micro, which becomes an ideal gift for anyone who does not have one of these speakers Bluetooth.

Creative NUNO micro, a small-sized Bluetooth speaker

Creative has a range of high-quality audio devices, but if you have a series of products specially notable, certainly those are Bluetooth speakers. Surprised, and we will later tell why. And it is that now we should focus on the design of this Creative NUNO micro, which is what first stands out, even in the name of the same. It is a “micro” because it is really small. It is a cube that we can perfectly in the Palm of our hand and therefore itself is easily transportable. With little that we carry a purse or a wallet, or even if we move in a vehicle, we can easily take it with us and with a minimum weight.

But it is not just a speaker, but is also beautiful. If we are that we like to have a desktop very computer and stylish, minimalist, this speaker is perfect. Goes completely unnoticed, and is finished in a special fabric by which the speaker receives the name of NUNO, that gives it a striking appearance. If you are looking for a gift for someone that is set in the details, no doubt you’ll love.

Creative NUNO micro

Their sound is surprising

But something that is repeated in all Creative speakers, is that they always manage to surprise. In appearance they are small. This is so especially, and one believes it will be able to offer a good quality of sound. Obviously, there are limitations, and if we compare it with other brand speakers we will notice the difference, but I challenge you that you try to preview a song where the vocals shine over other considerations, and will mind the crisp and Nice which is the sound of this speaker.

Of course, Bluetooth connectivity is key. We will have to connect via Bluetooth, according to the Protocol of low energy consumption, which will not be spending much battery. We can connect a smartphone, a tablet, or a computer without any problem. It also has a take jack in case we want to use a standard cable. Turn it on with a button, and it also has a socket micro USB for charging a battery that will provide us with 4 hours of autonomy, perfect to go to the beach or the countryside.

Creative NUNO micro

Its price is of so only 30 euros, is a gift perfect both for them users to which them like the music as to them users to which them like them details, because not only sounds well, but also is very nice and elegant.

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