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Create a backup copy of your Google account with Google Takeout

Backups are essential for anyone on a smartphone. As you are an Android terminal user know that Google Drive stores all data from the phone, but what about the Google data?. Anyone think that these files will not be erased unless you delete the account, but never is others have a copy with that information. That is why we tell you How to create a backup copy of your account from Google with Google Takeout.

All data in a zip file

Throughout the day, you generate a vast amount of data stored in different Google apps. A new list in Google Keep, adding an important appointment to the calendar or gathering information from your activity at Fit. All such information is stored in the network instantly and is there a way to control it through a tool of the big G.

Its name is Google Takeout, a web service that makes a backup copy of your Google account. It does not have a dedicated app, so will not be forced to use it from your computer or smartphone browser. The good news is that you it’s a tool officer who once synchronizes with your account enter your email from Gmail.

google takeout

Once inside the service, will appear all the programs and services of the big G that keep your information. Apart from Drive, Gmail or Google photos will find favorite locations Maps, your YouTube information, the profile of your account as well as your Google Wallet account. The idea to make a copy with Google Takeout from the phone is copied contacts of the terminal, which also have their own section in the messaging app.

Create a compressed folder of the size you want

Once selected the services of those who want to make the backup with Google Takeout is you just choose the maximum weight of the compressed folder, format and the method of discharge. At this point, you can choose an email account where you can send the data or store them in one of your clouds to choose between Drive, Dropbox or OneDrive.
If by chance you delete this backup, don’t worry. In the section called ‘manage files’ you will find the latest copies you’ve done and recover them if necessary. You can also check the history to find out how long have been without saving your data from Google.

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