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Cooperative modes reach Pokémon GO this spring

Winter ends and spring arrives in the northern hemisphere of the planet, which means that already return to be nice to go for a walk to the street. Already used Niantic good weather last year to release Pokémon GO, and now want to launch in spring, which would be one of the most important updates for the game, cooperative modes.

Cooperative modes in Pokémon GO

It is clear that Pokémon GO needed to receive updates if they wanted to attract new users. It is obvious that they would not regain the level when the game was launched but a fraction of players who had abandoned him find him too repetitive. The arrival of the second generation of Pokémon has been one of the most relevant developments since the game was launched, but neither has been very relevant. After all, only is the same, but with 100 more creatures.

Pokemon GO

However, now this it could change with a future update that would arrive in the spring, and that has been confirmed by Niantic, saying that all the “Pokemon GO to reach cooperative gaming experiences” in this season. Experiences of cooperative play? This expression can be analyzed in different ways. On the one hand, we don’t forget that recently people have spoken about a change in the system of gyms, so that being part of a team or another have importance, and relevant play in cooperative mode to have advantage over other players. In this way, play with a friend becomes interesting. This is so in a way, but with the new update, it would be notable.

But of course, it is impossible to not remember promised system game PvP, player against player, in which two users can directly combat with their Pokémon. It may just want leave to the future “player versus player” by the expression “cooperative game”. Or it is possible it refers also to the mode of battles between players.

Cooperative modes item arrive this spring was published in AndroidAyuda to Pokémon GO.

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