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Converts your Galaxy S7 Edge in a Google Pixel with this Custom ROM

Yes, in agreement, the Google Pixel is a smartphone that is very well. Has an interface of it more minimalist, and optimized. But if you have a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, already have a piece of mobile. However, you can get the best of both smart phones thanks to the Custom ROM Google Pixel Edition, with which you can convert your mobile of Samsung in a Google phone.

Interface of Samsung by interface of Google

Basically, this Custom ROM function is to exchange the interface we have Samsung in our Galaxy S7 Edge curved screen, the Pixel Google’s own interface and software. Hence the name of the ROM is Google Pixel Edition. You remember of those mobile that not were Nexus but that it were Google Edition? Because that same is what is has loved getting with this ROM. Now well, not is is of nothing official that comes from Google nor of Samsung, by what will be a Custom ROM to the use with which will lose also the warranty of our mobile. If you want to avoid this, better that you do not install this ROM and wait to get Android 7 Nougat to Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge officially.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Portada

What we offers is having the experience of those Google Pixel in any Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. But in addition to that, to the being a Custom ROM developed by third, has with some features added, and some optimizations. For example, has a system special of saving of battery, and is have modified those files for weighing less and can be read and managed with a speed top.

The experience of a Google Pixel in a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

Many users are delighted with the interface of Google that generally tends to be more minimalist, with options more simplified, and easier to use. On the other hand, although it has improved a lot with the passing of the years, the interface of Samsung has always been much more ornate. So, if you are that the interface of the Google Pixel, like you but you are a lucky user that has an Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, you know that depends on you the combine these two elements into one. You must have the smartphone rooted, and follow all the steps necessary to install the Custom ROM Google Pixel Edition in the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.

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