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Compare the performance of your mobile Android calculating the number Pi

There are many benchmark to analyze the performance of your mobile phone. However, there is one very strange has used over long in the world of computing. Is is of something so peculiar as calculated the number Pi with our smartphone, in different levels of complexity. The time that afternoon in calculate it we will define the capacity of our Mobile Android.

Calculating the number Pi

Pi is a number irrational. In general, what we know as 3.14. If you’ve worked with him, you have perhaps pointed out to 3,1416. But all know that not is more uqe an approximation. In fact, being an irrational number, has infinite numbers decimal. Today we know how to calculate the decimals of Pi, but we need a processor which is responsible for these calculations to make it really useful. For example, a mobile phone is capable of calculating 8 thousand digits of Pi in less than 1 tenth of a second. Obviously, depending on the mobile phone, it will be more or less quick when it comes to do the calculation to get the decimals of Pi. And it is for this reason that the calculation of the number Pi can be a good way to measure and compare the performance of our Mobile Android.

Super PI

Comparing the performance of the Mobile Android

With the Super Pi application, you can use your mobile phone to calculate the number Pi. Obviously, for it is really useless. Nobody uses a number Pi with as many digits. However, it can be useful. Depending on the time that the mobile evening in calculating the number Pi, we can compare the performance of our Mobile Android. There are 8 options to perform the calculation. The application gives us to choose if we want to calculate a number of 8 thousand bits, 16 thousand bits, 32 thousand bits… and up to 4 million bits, 4 million decimal places. My mobile has taken 77 seconds to perform this last calculation.

WP-Appbox: Super PI (Free, Google Play) →

If you like them mathematics, and like compare the performance of various mobile, can be a way curious of make it. Super Pi is a completely simple free application. It’s nothing complex. Nor is it a benchmark that we can determine how extremely precise value makes mobile in different areas, but it is an easy way to curious measure to compare different mobile and laugh at our friend’s mobile.

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