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Come to WhatsApp those groups public, how work?

Already in June, we began to see for the first time the existence of public groups. However, no has been until now that they have begun to operate and that can use them. At the moment, only in the Beta version. But how actually the public groups of WhatsApp? These are the new features that come to those groups of WhatsApp.

Sharing groups by means of links

Although them call groups public, actually the only difference between a group normal and these new groups is the way in which the people may join is. While the classical groups users could only get if had been added by an administrator of such groups, what is true that with these new groups need to join all is a link of WhatsApp. With this link, any user that has the application installed in your smartphone can join is to the conversation and talk. However, not only can use a link, but also can use a code QR, or to write the data of said group in a label NFC so by means of this technology any user can join is to the group.


Useful for shops

For what are these groups? As one of the possible applications for these public groups is in the shops. I.e., a trade may have a link to WhatsApp, or may have a label NFC, that we just have to approach the smartphone, and directly we will join a group of conversation related to what is sold in the store. It could be perfect for a library that aims to generate conversations around a title specifically or a saga, or in cinemas which want to promote a movie, for example.

As we see, is a step more than da WhatsApp to convert is in interesting in the world professional. Rather than have advertising on its platform, you are looking for to that platform will become essential for businesses, as a means of communication. It is something that we already know that he is trying to get Facebook, and this is just one step to achieve this. Of time, this new function is available in the Beta of WhatsApp, in the version 2.16.281, and very soon will come to the version of tests of Google Play and to it version final available in the shop of apps that is which have almost all them users.

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