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Color buy your new mobile?

Is there a definitive answer to this question? Really not. It is a subjective matter. It is very difficult to give a generic answer to a question like this. What color should be your new mobile? However, that I can tell you some colors that should not be your new phone, because I believe that it is a mistake.

I always wanted a mobile Golden…

I admit, since Apple began to release the iPhone in dorado, I began to like as an option. Never had failed to have any device in gold. I bought the iPad until they launch it in gold. With my MacBook it was equal. Got me some Beats with the Mac and so they were game with my phone and my Mac I decided to choose the silver, perhaps an error. I could test many mobiles, including the Meizu MX5 that nearly sent me into a gold-colored version. But in the end never had any mobile gold. Well, now if I’ve had it, and I have come to a conclusion, that don’t want it.

Xiaomi Redmi 3 Pro

… now don’t want mobile Browning

I happened that often say that it occurs with mobiles of special colors, or even cars of special colors, and is that one ultimately gets tired. You don’t want to see that your mobile is golden in color. We get tired of this color, and we’d like it to be more neutral, perhaps silver, white or black. Indeed, the Golden seems to end up being a “non-color” for a mobile phone. Sincerely, it is as if the phone had a defect, and that it is gold. Thats what happens to me when I see my Xiaomi Redmi 3 Pro, a smartphone that I love, whose color I loved it at first, but after a few weeks, I have finished getting tired. I wish I were black or white, or silver. The funny thing is that when I think of a new mobile, I always choose the gold as the color that I like, but I think the best choice for any smartphone is possible more neutral color, black, silver or white.

And Yes, as you can see, is a very scientific analysis of what should be the color you should choose for your new mobile. Actually I base I only what I think after having had dozens of mobile, and what were my feelings with all of them. Now already decide you.

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