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Cloud Chasers a narrative adventure where the water is the key

Adventure games, if they are well made, are the best that can be found. Overcome difficulties to bring players to complete everything you must do in the title provides a satisfaction that is not found in other genres. And this is what offers Cloud Chasers development that is discharged from Play Store and is completely translated.

This is a game that mixes on the one hand the aforementioned adventure – that can be even narrative – with some drops of role now that the management of resources and improvements of the glider (basic to get what will make you are alive: water). And, true, is that the “balanced” Cloud Chasers offers is quite successful, since it includes enough of each aforementioned option to make all kinds of player happens good times. At least in my case has been as well.

Juego Android Cloud Chasers

Very nice story

Basically, what needs to be done in Cloud Chasers is lead to a father and his daughter to overcome no less than five deserts to achieve its objective: l bequeath to the city of heaven where there are not so many problems. Therefore, almost a race against time is in which you have to get water to not die and, for this purpose, use is given as we have indicated to his airplane.

That Yes, in the course of the adventure, curious and striking encounters are being produced with other characters (not players) to be overcome, either with skill or intelligence, and not missing that much-needed touch of action always. In addition, by air there are drones that are not exactly friendly. Graphics, by the way, are type comic, which provides Cloud Chasers a really attractive appearance without being demanding. The sound, on the other hand, believe that it is quite successful and striking.

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Download Cloud Chasers

If you wish to download Cloud Chasers, which we repeat that already in Spanish, you can do so using the image after this paragraph. Your requirements are Android 4.4 or higher and 67 MB of free space, and in models such as the Motorola Moto G works without excessive problems. An adventure of the most recommended and is an excellent choice for this holiday (and worth every cent that you pay for it).

WP-Appbox: Cloud Chasers (€1.50, Google Play) →

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A narrative adventure where the water is the key to the Cloud Chasers article was published in AndroidAyuda.

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