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ClockSync the best way to keep your Android in time

Do not you ever happened to that time that marks your Android phone is not correct? This happens more often than you may think and, to solve this, rather than be introducing way manual suitable we will propose that you use an application that makes it for you: ClockSync.

It true is that the synchronization of the time in them Android of form general- and automatic-is sets taking advantage of the connectivity with the operator with which is works since is leverages the Protocol NITZ . But when not is has coverage or the provider has problems, is possible that the information not be the correct. We help you to solve this with the development that we have indicated.

Interfaz de ClockSync

This is a development that is very simple in use and that, Furthermore, is download free of charge of the shop Play Store. The raison d ‘ être of ClockSync is troubleshooting time on Android terminals and synchronize these with an atomic clock automatically to make sure you always have the exact.

WP-Appbox: ClockSync (Free, Google Play) →

What offers ClockSync

This development, using so-called Internet Protocol NTP (Network Time Protocol), communicates to get the time and, once this is done, automatically sets it the Android in which is installed. In addition, timing is constant, and therefore, it is necessary that the phone or tablet is rooted (unprotected). The case, is that the utility is large and effective.

Once you’ve downloaded and installed ClockSync, giving the image that we have left before, use in a matter of a few seconds the time that will take your device will be adequate. Incidentally, if you want the synchronization be automatic, must enter settings by clicking the icon with three vertical dots on the top right and, then activate the square called Enable Automatic Synchronization section of. It’s simple.

Sincronización automática con ClockSync
Hora automática en ClockSync

By the way, we recommend to leave the application itself that detect the location in which you are to set the hour (Detect time zone), because its reliability is high. Other applications for the operating system from Google, apart from ClockSync, you can meet them in this section of Android support.

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