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clash Royal will be soon an attractive and long-awaited novelty

The game Royal Clash has become one of the most important nowadays. Its combination of letters and clashes between players makes this development very fun, both for the little kids and for adults. Well, a long-awaited novelty will come to the development, and by what he has learned, not far to do this.

Incorporating new Supercell (developer of Clash Royal and that not so long ago that it has been acquired by a good amount of dollars) confirms that it remains very active with this title, which constantly come news both when adding letters as changing the value of each one of them – which makes the hand played worthwhile change it regularly-.

Case is that in a message in Twitter has unveiled with a simple image novelty in which work for Clash Royal, and as you can see below this paragraph are the tournaments. The place to access them is under tape, right next to the specific place where accessed Clan to which it belongs:

Just a little something we’re working on…

-Clash Royale (@ClashRoyale) June 23, 2016

A highly anticipated arrival

The truth is that it is so. Users demanded to create specific tournaments that participate to, in this way, not depend on the choice of own development with respect to the players that it is possible to confront. Thus, it will be possible to create some involving friends, and others, that are members of a Clan involved – and will be something beyond the friendly games-. That Yes, remains to be seen what kind of rewards are offered and the available formats (League, direct rounds, etc.).

Juego Clash Royale para Android

Aesthetically there is news regarding what is known, as well as in the way in which games are disputed, but what is certain is that a Clash Royal revitalize tournaments this summer (since all indications are that the update will become a reality very soon). Good added, that should be added to the control to cheaters who use patches to produce more mana over the course of headings, which are quite common and they do that sometimes Clash Royal is desperate.

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