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Chromecast improves and optimizes shipping to TV browser tabs

Chromecast has become more economic rival and quality that there is for the Apple TV. we see in television videos and photos from your mobile phone. But also of our PC. It is even possible to display a tab that we are seeing in our browser from the PC to the television. Now it has improved tabs shipping directly to the TV.

Sending tabs to the TV

Chromecast is useful to see the films and the music of our smartphone on television. And it is a very cheap solution compared to other solutions from other manufacturers. However, there is to say that until now only has worked well when we have the content downloaded on our smartphone or on your computer, or when the application or service online is optimized for use with Chromecast. If there is no optimization for Chromecast, then there is still an option. If we are on the PC, it is possible to share a full tab to Chromecast through the navigation Chrome. However, if there is a video screen, the retransmission of the same will not be particularly good. At least, not until now.

Chrome Beta Canary

And it is that now Google has released an update for the version of the browser for developers, Chrome Dev, thanks has been optimized to which energy consumption leading to send a tab that included, and above all, improved quality when sending video capture. After all, it was almost impossible to send a tab to the TV with video , and that will be displayed correctly. Now that will change thanks to this new version of the browser that includes very significant improvements and that will at least give us the option of viewing the videos we have on a television while we are sending them simply to share with TV Chrome tab. That Yes, just time in the PC browser Chrome Dev version.

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