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Chipi, an app that compare and find the cheapest transport

With the arrival of new services like Cabify or über, many users do not know well what should choose, what are the differences or what will be the transport cheaper. To resolve the doubts to beginner users, they have created Chipi, an app that allows you to compare rates between the new transport services. You can compare the different rates between Cabify, Uber and MyTaxi but also between electric rental cars: Car2Go and Emov.

The application works with an algorithm that is able to estimate the price of each of the services in real time. Rates change continuously but the algorithm takes into account six factors factors to calculate it accurately in the precious moment.

To find out the rate more cheap, Chipi uses: day, since the rate can increase up to a 33% if the day is not working; time, since some services increase the rate depending on the schedule as, for example, MyTaxi; demand, able to increase the rate to double in cases like the Uber; traffic, which affects up to 40%; the distance, if it’s a service that charges for travel kilometers as Cabify; and parking, for services without a driver such as the case of Car2Go and Emov, which are more expensive during peak parking.Comparador de servicios de transporte

Paying attention to these variables, the user can choose what is the fastest option or the cheaper has emerged an unforeseen at the time and need to opt for one of these services.

To check the services, as described in the Play Google, simply open the application and write where you want to go to that will calculate the cheapest route. Once traced the route, the map will look and may modify the destination and origin as appropriate. By clicking on ‘Chipiar’ you will see the different rates and it takes to reach each of the services available, divided into two sections: “you drive” or “lead”. In the first, Car2Go and Emov; in the second, MyTaxi, Uber and Cabify.

To hire him Needless to search from another application but that it is enough to click on any of the options. You can book services directly from Chipi but you have to have installed the applications because you will lead them to conclude management.

Comparador de servicios de transporte

Chipi was born because its creators arrived late to a meeting and needed a service that was not occupied. At that time, as so often happens, they looked a some transport applications to see what solution could have to arrive on time. Time is lost, it is laborious and tired having to consult one to one the same service by Chipi was the alternative for Save yourself all the time and work.

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The application was launched during the past month of March and already has more de 1,000 downloads on Google Play. Just landed in the Android app market and is only available para use in Madrid but with intention of expand and reach more cities.

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