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Check out playing if there is something wrong in your Android phone

There are many tests that allow you to see if your phone is working correctly. Tedious diagnoses that lead time and that, normally, they bore you and you never do. But you can check the status of all the components of your phone playing.

Check out playing if there is something wrong

Diagnostics Game is an application that allows you to do a test run on your mobile phone without having to check the settings, without having to resort to manuals, tutorials or boring tests. Change the boring by twelve mini-games that will check the status of your phone unless you are aware of that are testing it.

Diagnostics Game

An original app that will give you the data in case of error so that you fix that element that won’t quite right on your mobile phone. Simple games that will make you do something that probably you’ve never stopped to do: check the status of your phone and see if there is an error serious that you have to take action.

You can check to twelve different elements with twelve different mini-games. You can test the touch panel, screen, speaker, microphone, cameras, flashlight, vibration, volume, gyroscope, accelerometer and proximity sensor. You can also try at the same time all elements at the same time.

Diagnostics Game

Each functional test account with a different mini-game designed especially to check that part of the phone. Each game has three different levels: easy, medium and difficult. And there are all kinds: labyrinths, tests with animals and sounds, tested with numbers or fish who must dodge obstacles to be guided by your screams. Very simple games that you can give to play anyone in the family if bored you but you want to check the status of your phone while you do have someone fun.

Diagnostics Game

An application completely free of charge and available at the Google Store Play. Although it does not have too many downloads (100-500) is useful and entertaining to check while you entertain. Available in English but the explanation of the games is so simple that you will not need a good command of the language to understand it easily.

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