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Change the wallpaper by the schedule, time or the WiFi

The wallpapers are more simple elements that we have to change the look of our smart phone. It is normal to change the wallpaper each certain time to change the appearance of the mobile. But still it would be better that this was able to change automatically. That can get with Smart Wallpaper, that changes the funds of screen automatically according to the timetable, the time, or the network WiFi.

Smart Wallpaper

The idea of Smart Wallpaper is simple. Is based in configure different funds of screen for these is go changing of form automatic, and of that shape the appearance of the mobile go changing without us have that do nothing more. For example, with Smart Wallpaper , it is possible to set a wallpaper for every day of the week, so this will change as the days pass.

Smart Wallpaper

You can also get the wallpapers are dependent on the weather. If we are fond of photography, we will probably have different photographs of landscape, and it is ideal that you configure automatically so that landscapes change depending on if today the day is cloudy, going to rain, or the sun shines high in the sky.

Even Smart Wallpaper gives us the possibility of the wallpaper to change depending on the WiFi connection. It is a way to change the wallpapers based on the location. The difference is in that to use the location would have that use the GPS, and for this spend much battery. The WiFi is a good reference because we can thus have a wallpaper for when we are at home, one for work and one for our vacation home.

WP-Appbox: Smart Wallpaper (Free+, Google Play) →

Smart Wallpaper is a free application, that also has a paid version that gives us more options yet and that is a good choice if we want the wallpapers new smartphone and therefore the appearance of your mobile phone will change automatically.

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